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# The_Skepticism ..
Episode (8)...
Hikma is in a critical condition and the doctor says,he has to operate on her in other to save her and the baby,Nadia signs to approve the operation.
Hikma is being taken to the theater by some nurses,Nadia walks to her and whispers to her,please hang on,hang on this very last time,all your agony is about to end my dear sister please hang on,but Hikma was unconscious.
Back at the University,the lawyers went for further investigations into Hikma's case, on the other hand Isma'el has not been himself since Hikma left and Hikma's mother always blamed her daughter for her fathers death.
Nadia talks to Emilie on phone about the truth behind Hikma's case,they both decide to keep it from her till she comes out from danger and its fit.
Firdaus is busy shopping for her marriage with Isma'el though Isma'el has rejected her, but she care less as far as his parents wants him to marry her.
Its been more than a day and Hikma is still in the theater,the doctor
Says she went through alot of stress during her period of pregnancy and because of that her
Blood pressure is not stable which makes it dangerous to operate on her. Nadia is very worried about Hikma's condition the doctor says she is in a short coma but she can hear what everyone talks and perhaps it will be better if someone closer to her,some she loves or admire speaks to her since most patients becomes better. Nadia ask to be with Hikma for a while,she went to the theater and her words were,Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah ,sister. Walaikum salam warahmatullah wabarakatuhu,sister. These were the words that brought us together,do you remember the first time we met at the poter's whiles and I were a total strangers and were waiting to be shown to our rooms? That was the first word i spoke to you though back then i used to dress anyhow you responded with this smile which i still see it on your face even in this state,Hikma you taught me how to dress decently as a muslimah, you taught me how to read the Quran well,you are the sister i had always wish to have, you taught me to say Alhamdulilah in every situation i find myself in and now it's your turn sister.Please don't give up for the sake of Allah,fight on for little Rahman or Nadia, tears rolled down Hikma's cheek and the doctors tell Nadia to step out as the patient is getting too emotional. Nadia asks one of the nurses who was a muslimah to take care of Hikma as she has to buy some
baby food and cloths for Hikma,she went to a nearby Super market there she bumped into Nazir,He was suprise to see Nadia it has been almost a year since the incidence and ever since the day Nadia confronted them he has not seen her. He request to speak with her and Nadia says even I want to speak to you,so they went to a near by coffee shop and the sat to chat,You look restless and sick Nadia,she just stays quite as he talked for a while,she suddenly asked how is Isms'el and where can i find him. Nazir asks why and she says its nothing,Nazir then tells her Isma'el will be getting married in the next hour,to who Nadia asked? Firdaus,where? At his parent house though its going to be simple,by the time he could end his statement Nadia was at her car and drove off.Nazir was surprise,and to add up to his surprise he saw that Nadia actually bought babies cloth only from the shop,so he followed her.
Nadia was really driving fast in no time she got to Isma'els parent house she entered the house in a haste and stopped the ceremony.Stop Isma'el you can't get marriage today,everyone was surprised,in no time Nazir was there too.His parent were angry at Nadia and threaten to call the police if she doen't leave.Nadia says she is not leaving till everyone knows the truth,Firdaus is frustrated and restless in her veil,Isma'el says she has 5 minutes to talk.
Don't bother yourself,5 minutes is even too much for me and remember i promised not to step foot in this house? Today i had to swallow my words in other to do the right thing.Now you listen to me,Hikma is pregnant with your child,Isma'el sat down,my child you said? Mr. I only have 5minutes so don't be repeating what i say,yes your child. Do you remember the day you threw Hikma out of your house?she actually came to tell you about the baby,and why should we believe that the child is Isma'els? Am not asking you to believe am just telling you said Hikma . Isma'el knows the woman he married and he knows she was pure,but my son travelled few days after their Nikkah so how is it possible that the child is his and besides that girl is a hore who ruined our reputation. Tell them Ismae'el ,say the truth for the sake of Allah and to you Isma'els mother,i guess it took you decades to get pregnant? Yes,Hikmah and I had sunnah on the night of our Nikkah,Ismael spoke out. The place was soo quite and Nadia broke the silence,well Ismael Hikma and your child's life is in danger,she has been in the theatre for the past three days now and am only doing this because i had to,you do not desrve to come closer to her but in this her condition i think you may be able to save her and the child as we need alot of money to transfer her to another hospital and i don't have enough,Nadia turned to leave. Why should he help that slot,only Allah knows if that child is his or if she is even pregnant,and you Nadia Dress Affordable beige or ivory color wears for a wedding
you have always been on my happiness,what did i do to deserve this? First it was your idea that i should introduce Hikma to Ismael,now that am getting married to the man i love,you are here with stories,Ismael will not go back to that porn star for all we know that child may be a bustard,said Firdaus. Nadia slowly walks to her a gave her two dirty slaps,The first one is for insulting Hikma and the second one is for trying to take advantage of her husband, you desrve more than these slaps but for now i have to go to the hospital and one more thing,Hikma's sex video was a setup,somebody planned all of that to disgrace Hikma but now the suspects are in the police custody and my lawyers are reinvestigating the case,everyone was surprise more,Nadia left a note with the name of the hospital and left,Ismael followed her, and when they got to the hospital,they were told someone paid for the bills and Hikma has been transfered to a private hospital for the operation.who could have paid for Hikma's bill and where is she now,Nadia shouts at the doctor and threatens to sue them if she does not find Hikma in the next 2minutes.
Who could have taken Hikma away?
Will Hikma Survive the operation?
Watch out for the next episode on #The_Skepticism....
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