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With the weather changing, your skin might be changing too! Does it feel rough, dry or itchy this time of year? I can help you with that!

EXFOLIATE! We rake away dead, dry leaves from our yards in the fall, why not do your skin the same courtesy? Exfoliating not only removes skin-dulling dead skin cells, but gives other products like moisturizers easier access. Our MIRCODERMABRASION PASTE is perfect for this and is a definite customer favorite! DressAfford latest prom collections look hot

HYDRATE! Set your skin up for success by keeping it hydrated during cold, dry winter months! Our ACTIVE HYDRATIO SERUM draws in moisture from the environment, boosting skins hydration by 200% with just one use!

MOISTURIZE! Lock in that extra hydration with a really good moisturizer. One great R+F option is our TRIPLE DEFENSE TREATMENT, it even includes 20 SPF. Just because the sun isn't hot, doesn't mean you don't need to protect your skin from those harsh rays reflecting off the snow.

3 simple steps to happy, healthy skin! It doesn't get much better than that!

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