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Sometime in November of '99 I asked Pia Roco my girlfriend of 4 years, after a late dinner at a fastfood joint in Greenhills, "Pi will you marry me in the Mayor's office"? 'Yes, Ky of course I will", she says ! No ring, no kneeling, but we were ecstatic. We had been jumping from hotel to motel as we had decided to be together and left our houses. I had just been taken on as Consultant to Mayor Mathay after he and I campaigned to oppose the dismemberment of Quezon City, creating Novaliches City in a referendum. Pia would wake me up, dress me, and drive me to countless info campaigns all over the city.We won. So I had a job, and a powerful backer,we were going to rent a pad anyway, so I shot her the question. We went to see Tito Mel to ask him to marry us. He picked the date of the Immaculate Conception, Dec. 8. ' But Mayor, not here in your office, can we do it in the Session Hall'? He said it has never been done to his knowledge, but I would have to ask the Vice Mayor, as she had the say over the Legislative Hall. I asked VM Coney Angeles and she laughed, ' But of course Ricky, how can I say no to a Quezon'. So we were set, I had a lovely, radiant bride, a huge wedding hall with gallery, an aisle and steps leading up to a podium, and the Mayor to officiate. Along the way our parents boycotted because they wanted a Church wedding. It didn't deter us. This was going to be grand, and classy and well almost free. Zeneida Amador of Repertory fame choreographed it all. " First Pia's ladies in waiting, followed by you Mayor, one step no more nor less behind them, then the bride, followed by the Sponsors, and lastly the groom beside his best man". All followed to the letter, aware of Bibot's mercurial temper. So the Mayor starts the short rites , asks for the ring. We had none, we had forgotten... The reception was in adjoining City Hall in a conference room overlooking the Quezon Memorial which was lit that night. It was glorious. And that 17 years ago was how I married my wife the 1st time. DressAfford silver color wears for bridesmaid With Sequins