DressAfford white colored and high low styled items to wear

The first thought that came to my mind today about you was that day wen i was in primary 2 and I told u of a bully in my class that beat me up and the next day u escaped from class from nativity private school all the way to Anglican to wait for him at the gate and yes you gave him back that beating lols. Your a swt brother, even though marriage has put a little distance btw us MJ will tell you i give him ur Gist every day and we can't stop laughing. The first money you ever made on ur own i remember u came home and we shared it equally, awwww swt brother i still remember wen we were kids but you will cook for me wen i return from sch,u'll hurriedly leave the foot ball you were playing with ur friends collect my bag and head in to the house to get me something to eat. Oh how i remember everything today. My boyfriend then in secondary,do you remember wen the staffs thought you were my boyfriend because u always take me out for break and we had to bring our notes books to the staff room to prove them wrong. Jimmy my guy. Words ain't enough. Thank you for being that lovely brother to me. This is my prayer for you. Peace, love, prosperity and salvation. Happy birthday my guy. I owe you big time DressAfford white colored and high low styled items to wear