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What is the most selfish one-letter word?
"I", isn't it?
Everything revolves around I
iPhone, iPad, iPod
And the man says "I paid for it."
What do you do?
Everything revolves arond the "I"
And what does "I" stand for?
"I" stand for expectations
"I should be treated like this."
"I should be loved like this."
"I should be dealt with like this."
"I should be respected like this."
"I should be given these many marks."
"I should not be given this."
You're all leading a life of super high expectations.
Everything revolves around "my opinions,"
"my desires," "my likes," "my dislikes," "I love this," "I want this," "I don't want this,"
"I," "I," "I," "I," "I."
You think life would be a happy life, when it revolves around I?
From a child, we are grown up like this.
We only learn to take and everyone has to fulfill "my expectations"
Everything has to be up to my expectations.
One boy comes up to his mother and says
"Mamma, I love you."
Mother said, "I love you to,Bitta."
The guy grew up to be 16
Goes to the mother "Mamma, I love you."
Mother says "How much money you want?"
He grows up to be 25, "Mamma, I love you."
Mother asks "Who is she? Where does she stay? We will make arrangements."
He turns to be 40, "Mamma,I love you."
Mother asks "We had told you not to get married to her."
He turns 60.60."Mamma, I love you."
Mother says "I will not sign on any paper, YOU GO."
She is mother, mother knows.
It's all about "my expectations" how it goes a Marriage, You think only children, girlfriends, boyfriends, what's marriage?
Such expectations of treatment each other's expectations. God.
And you think religion is bad?
If youngsters are not spared, girlfriends and boyfriends are not spared, married people are not spared, you think religious men and religious people coming to a temple are spared from the "I"? big size wedding wears of plus style
I don't think so.
When people come to God people come to temple, they are only asking,"Give me what i want!"
No one comes to say "I love you, I want to give you."
When the President of the United States
John F Kennedy came to the stage
for his first presidential speech,
his words rumbled into the public address system when he said "Ask no what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country."
And so I say
Ask not what God can do for you,
Ask what you can do for God.
But no one asks that, because the "l" is so big "my expectations,""my desire,""my things," are so powerful that even when i come to a temple and ring a bell, all i'm doing is asking.
The more we lead a life of "I" our "I" will be frustrated.
Because people don't just exist in this world to fulfill your expectations.
Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, the most selfish one-letter is "I" which stands for expectations, and therefore, avoid this word.
How do avoid this word?
Be realistic in your expectations.
Having expectations isn't a problem, but understand that not everyone will fulfill your expectations.
And secondly, avoid this word "I" by trying to serve others. You know why?
Because when you want to be served, you're dependent on people, they may not serve you.
When you want to serve, who can stop you?
When you want respect, people may not respect you.
But when you want to give respect, who can stop you?
When you want to be loved, you may not be loved.
But when you want to give love, who can stop you?
From "I", to "You"
The more you want for yourself
you'll remain frustrated.
The more you want to give, you will remain happy.