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Today is the day many homes officially go into "Christmas season mode." (I say this as I watch my mother clear all shelves of knick-knacks and entirely replace the typical decor with Christmas-themed figurines and ornaments.) Homes commonly fill with plants that have become associated with the season: notably, poinsettias and lilies. They have been so normalized at this time of year that I admit, as an individual that's had pets my whole life, I was into early adulthood before I learned these plants are highly toxic to pets. I have been lucky with none of the family cats showing interest into the lilies they sat next to in the windows, thankful for the birds and wildlife that kept their attention. So, looking back on this, and what I have learned, I just want to share this information with anyone else that may have pets without being aware that these flowers kill pets every year. So, here is a good resource I have found that not only lists household plants that are toxic but ones that are NOT toxic. Any alternative non-toxic plant to replace dangerous Poinsettias and lilies can be made to look "seasonal" with decorative inserts, ribbons, and ornaments. chic wedding collections in country and rustic style

Have a happy and safe holiday season, everyone!

Poisonous Plants Our handy list contains plants that have been reported as having systemic effects on animals and/or intense effects on the gastrointestinal