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Many people face the typical dilemma of running out of clothing options, despite an overflowing wardrobe. How many of you have been at your wits end trying not to repeat outfits at social gatherings? How many times have you looked at stunning outfits and let out a deep sigh seeing the price tags and feeling dejected at not being able to possess them? Designer wear rentals, the solution to the I-have-nothing-to-wear woes, have been quite a rage in foreign countries and metropolitan cities of India for some years now. In Odisha, for the very first time, Kashvee, an apparel rental company is here to lend fashion to Bhubaneswarites! Founded by two 22-year-old students, Kumudini Purty and Soumen Bhattacharya, this start-up rents out apparel and accessories at a nominal price to students, models and just about anyone who would like to borrow out of their wardrobe. “I used to see my friends on the campus ask random strangers on where they bought those gorgeous earrings or got that elegant dress from. As students, it’s difficult to spend so much on one particular outfit and not wear it often. So we thought why not start a business of our own that makes life easier for people who want to look amazing without spending a fortune,” said Kumudini. From party wear dresses to cocktail gowns, pre-bridal lehengas, formal wear, beach wear such as monokinis, outfits for vintage and retro looks, earrings and jewellery sets, Kashvee has an array of clothing line, including menswear, to cater to the style needs of the smart city denizens. While the founders source jewellery from Surat, because of the wide variety of items available there, they rely mostly on local designers, boutiques, tailors and fashion schools for ensembles. Among labels, Manyavar and Blackberry are some of the higher-end brands they obtain costumes from. While rental companies generally charge a security fee foreseeing potential loss or damage, Kashvee lets its customers hire outfits at highly reduced prices without any security fee for 24 hours. “In two months of being in business, we haven’t had any case where the clothes have been ruined. But we shall of course fine customers a certain amount if there is loss of a piece or damage beyond repair. You can have all the fun while wearing the dresses, but just be a tad bit careful,” informed Kumudini. Kashvee was the outfit sponsor of a local jewellery brand that was recently launched by Bollywood actor Urvashi Rautela a few days ago in Odisha capital, apart from lending clothes and accessories for various photoshoots and social events. The company is set to open an outlet in the near future and is currently cataloguing other accessories like handbags and sunglasses. The Odisha Sun Times Bureau ; 18th. Jan,18 cocktail items suitable for baby mother