college graduation ceremony wears

365 days ago you left this world and went to the place you would tell me about. A year ago today you became one of the stars that I’d look at in the sky while remembering the summmer night on the back deck listening to you saying one day you’ll be a star too because the stars are angels. I didn’t think that day would be January 23rd 2017 I didn’t imagine not having my other dad at my high school graduation or for a lot of other things that you would’ve been so happy to be a part of. 365 days have gone by and I haven’t heard you say I love you I think one more “I love you” from you would heal the shattered heart I’ve had since I found out you died . You’ve missed a lot in the past year like I went out on my first date like my very first real date where I dressed up and wore heels and went to Olive Garden I didn’t get to hear you say “ imagine you’re on a date with Justin beiber and eat like a young lady” like you used to say as you sat across from me at the dinner table ,I also got my license and it hurts that you didn’t get to teach me how to drive I think if you were here to teach me how to drive I wouldve passed my drivers test the first time I took it. Sunday’s aren’t the same without you I miss being woken up super early and dragged to car dealerships then going to get coffee from Cumbies I would do anything to be back in your white Jetta complaining about looking at cars on a Sunday it was a tradition that I only want to carry out with you. In the past year you weren’t here to tell me boys are dumb and not to worry about to heartbreaks. We didn’t walk on the shore like this year... I haven’t even been ready to go to a beach because they remind me too much of you. The restless nights would’ve been cured by your rag blanket that I sewed up countless amounts of time and some microwave eggs that you’d make. I was told by my English teacher that some stories aren’t ready to be told yet and that’s why I think I haven’t talked about you all year but now I think it’s ready to be told... you cane into my life when I was 8 years old over the course of the 8 years that you were here you were my protector like the night we had a giant thunderstorm and I was so scared so I ran up to your room and just crawled under the blankets with you until it stopped. You were there for every moment in my life I remember our first Christmas together like it was yesterday I got a wii that year and you gave me this super cool manicure set that I loved I remember being at yours and moms wedding you accepted me into your family just like I accepted you into mine you treated me like I was your 4th kid you were such a proud dad sometimes even tho I wasn’t really your daughter like the 8th grade science fair when I worked my ass off to prove that plants needed light to grow faster and better but could still grow in the dark. When I lost you I was like plant c the one that had light but then we put it in a box in the closet things have been dark since you died. You were a source of happiness and light in my life. You showed up to everything you even took pictures of me in my catholic high uniform because you were so proud. You were a big part of my life and it sucks that you won’t be here for the future like I’m gonna miss having you at my wedding and seeing you at my graduation I wish you were still here to put a smile on my face and teach me how to make soup and teach me about cars and make me watch football every Sunday. I wish you were here to go out in the plane with one more time and watch you fly caise that was one thing you loved more than anything but now you’re in heaven flying planes and making everybody up there as happy as you made me I miss you more than anything and I can’t wait to see you again fly high Michael I love you. college graduation ceremony wears