fit and flare cocktail dress

The plot thickens! Has 45 finally let his alligator mouth get his jay bird azz in trouble? Has been set up to commit perjury? Has his actions been the fuel that keeps Mueller looking? fit and flare cocktail dress
How stupid can you be to question the acting head of FBI who he voted for while berating the FBI every chance he gets?
How even more ignorant is it to declare he can do whatever he wants to with the justice department?
45 is about to be interviewed and we know his ability to lie and his little imp Stephen Miller nor his other pawns will be able to save his azz!
45’s inability to think critically or extemporaneously is going to have Mueller all over him like. Cheap prom dress!
Lawyers can prep him but they cannot change him and we know this genius cannot resist stepping on his own message!
Fish get caught because they can’t keep their mouth shut!
45 doesn’t know the Star Spangled Banner and he doesn’t know what he’s about to get into!
Do you remember Lock Her Up? Can him be in the upcoming conversation?