golden colored items to wear of the wedding

Ok. So I have been debating on writing this. But a friend of mine said I should. So all day I have been sitting here thinking about this mother who lives down the road from me. She is a hard worker. She has 5 kids (the two oldest are twins) and supports them all by herself. Yes she's married and her husband was deported back to Mexico. When I tell you she's a hard worker I mean it. She busts her ass working on a tree farm to support her and her kids. She doesn't ask for anything. I see her and one of the oldest always walking to the store and they carry their grocery back home from the store. It's Christmas time and I feel so heart broken/selfish bc I was thinking lastnight what kind of tablet I want to get Ethan. Or what size tv to get Joe ( and honestly we only spend a $100 or less on each of them if we are lucky my husband and I don't get each other anything lol just how we are) But today I see her walking carring a gallon of milk and a few other things. I wanted to cry. I believe every kid should have a good Christmas. A mom should not have to pick between food or if she can get her kids christmas gifts. This is also their first yr with out their dad/husband I have known this family for 12 years and never once see this mom dress like a woman. Never seen her with make up on. She always puts her children first. She does everything to be the best mom. I feel so selfish.. I wish I knew how to help! So I asked my boys if we could take $20 from each of them so we could help. Thank god I have loving kids. They agreed to it. Is there anybody else that would be willing to help make this family have a good Christmas? If so please contact me and I could give details. golden colored items to wear of the wedding