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The first time I heard this story was in 1985, told to me in the faculty lunchroom by an Afro-American female sewing teacher in a Philadelphia Public Education adult career skills training center in Brideberg, a section in Phila.,Pa. It was named the Martin Adult Trade School. I was the representative from the Penna. Dept. of Labor n Industry responsible for student recruitment and job placement upon completion of their selected career training class. I remember, Ms. Bea Postles, the sewing teacher with fond memories. She was a pleasing full figured woman--always in her navy blue suit and protective full length protective sewing apron. She was a no-noncence WOMAN --setting standards and inspiring the shyest adult students--male or female. She had high industry standards and made sure HER students me them before graduation from HER class!
Equally important, Ms. Bea taught me an old "Southern saying". She always said to me, with her usual serious tone of commitment, and hands on her hips --which demanded as t- MY elementary school teachers used as a visual que , follollowed BY< "I WANT your undivided attention--NOW; I have some important for you to learn and remember.
She said to me , "Popover, you can't soar like an eagle if you are surrounded by turkeys!" Thank you Ms Bea for all you did for me and your students. Fraternal hugs to you, hubby, Ernie, and Daughter Sasha.
Resectfully and cordially,
Mel Popover , in Philadelphia, PA.
Great n dedicated teachers are like rare jewels--their light is undaunting and ever so inpiring---Ms Beau Possles moved back to North Carolina some years ago. About 10 yeas ago I was near broad and spruce Street in Philly. A young elegantly coiffed and dress women walked up to me as I was filling my smoking pipe--enjoying th sparrows and college kids from the art school hurrying to classes. The woman stopped and looked into my eyes and said, "Mr. Popover?" I replied y "Yes' Sory I dont recall your name--please refresh MY memory." Her face lit up , a glorious radiant smile, and a joyous chuckle--" I am Bea Posstle's daughter--we used to chat when I visited Mom on her breaktimes at the school and youinspired me in my chats with you during the undergra college years. So great to see you; I am a certied teacher now!" Small world, eh !?? Traternal hugs of happiness and stisfaction to all. Blessings, tou and yours, MS Bea Postles ! graduation dresses

The Donkey in the Pit - A parable on pain and gain A donkey fell into a pit, and try as he might, his owner couldn't pull him out. Finally, the farmer decided that since the animal was old, and the pit needed to be covered up anyway, he'd just bury the old donkey right