grey and sliver items for cocktail party

Paragis Herbal TEA !
No need mo ng mag hanap at mag bunot at mag laga-laga pa dahil meron ng Paragis Hebal Tea grey and sliver items for cocktail party
Health Benefits:
Infection sa kidney gaya ng UTI
. Cancer in kidneys
. Kidney Stone
. Mayoma
. Cyst in uterus
. Cyst in all parts of the body
. Tumor in the throat (Thyroid)
. Stomach tumor
. Gerd
. Acidic
. High blood
. In Heart (Hinihingal)
. Diabetes
. Cholesterol
. Rheumatism
. Painful belly
. Disminorya
. Gastritis
. Migraine
. Long not having period
(Delay of menstration)
. Anxiety
. Insomiya
. Wounded
. Dandruff
. Pain in the bone can't walk
. Masakit na katawan dulot ng pagkapagod o sakit ng katawan dahil sa sakit
. Brain tumor that can't eat and body pain.
. Nag papalis ng mga tumor
. Painful hip can't stand
. Wounds that don't heal
. Migraine
. Chronic cough
. Can't piss
. Tonsil
. Itch Reflux in the body
. Painful tooth
. Asthma
. Always hinihingal
. Tuberculosis
Not advisable for pregnant or breastfeeding moms and persons with anemia.
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