grey colored items to wear of the prom

SCP-1007 (Dr. Wondertainment SCP, Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. SCP)

Object Class: Safe

Code Name: Mister Life and Mister Death

Special Notes and Containment Procedures: As of current regulations regarding Dr Wondertainment's "Misters" series, SCP-1007 and SCP-1007-1 are to be kept in Hall 8 of Site 13. SCP-1007 is to be kept in a standard humanoid coffin when not active.

Description: SCP-1007 refers to a human male of indeterminate age or ethnicity that undergoes the entire human lifecycle within a timespan of exactly seventy-five(75) minutes. This aging process occurs at approximately one(1) year per minute, and invariably ends in SCP-1007's expiration at the end of the 75 minute mark. SCP-1007 reports the first sixteen(16) minutes as being excruciatingly painful, due to rapidly shifting bone growth and alignment during this period. This behavior actively violates the First Law of Thermodynamics, as SCP-1007 does not appear to require fuel input to assist with this massive cellular restructuring and growth.

SCP-1007-1 refers to a small brass key that fits into a keyhole in SCP-1007's back between the shoulderblades. Biopsy analysis, as well as invasive and non-invasive study, indicates that this 'keyhole' is not attached to anything within SCP-1007's body except at the skin, and lacks any internal mechanism. Regardless, when SCP-1007-1 is inserted into the keyhole, SCP-1007's age will revert one(1) year for each full turn of SCP-1007-1. The key will continue to allow itself to be turned until 75 turns have been made, at which time SCP-1007 will be a neonate. It is unknown where the mass goes during this period of shrinkage. If SCP-1007-1 is turned after SCP-1007 has expired, SCP-1007 will 'reactivate'. Likewise, any decay on the corpse of SCP-1007 will disappear as SCP-1007-1 is turned. grey colored items to wear of the prom

SCP-1007 and SCP-1007-1 were recovered by Mobile Task Force Tau-6 "<CODE NAME REDACTED>" during a raid on the California mansion of <REDACTED>, a known customer of Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. <REDACTED> admitted to having acquired SCP-1007 during an auction sponsored by MCD, and claimed that the auction had contained at least four other "misters". Though <REDACTED> could not recall to whom they were sold.

Addendum: A tattoo has been printed upon SCP-1007's right calf, reading "Mister Life and Mister Death, from Little Misters by Dr. Wondertainment". This designation matches entry number 11 in Document SCP-909-a.