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How to balance hormones naturally.

Hormones play an important role in our body as they affect many of body's possesses.hormones imbalance caused by changes in oestrogen.hormones imbalance r more common in females and mostly occur in puberty , mensturation, pregnancy and menopause. high low asymmetrical wedding selections

in addition,factors like poor diet, too much or too,less excersices,adernal exhaustion , tension, stress, birth control pills, toxnic, lack of sleep,advancing age,chemical like predeicites contributes in hormones imbalance.
common factors like weight issues, insomnia,excessive hairs on face n body, stress, acne, dry n oily skin, weight around tummy or lower abdomen, vaginal itching n darkness , migraine, low sex drive premenstrual syndrome n infertility and others.

some home remedies of hormonrs imbalance are.
1. Omega 3fatty acids.
omega 3 fatty acids play an important role in,producing hormones also very beneficial in balancing if hormones. Also its fruit full in menstrual cramps n menopause.
some omega 3fatty acids foods are flaxsaeed, oily fish, soya been, olive , Chia seeds , walnuts , tofu n winter squash , use these foods to treat hormones issues.
you can also take omega 3 fatty acids supplement after ur doctor consulation.

2. Maca roots
Maca roots is an endocrine adptogen that boost hormones naturally . Also its good source of potassium, magnessium, iodine, calcium, protein, fatty acids, zinc and sterols n fiber, these r beneficial for health.
mix 1/4 teaspoon maca root powder in water, juice or herbal tea and use it daily minimum 2 to 3 teaspoons weekly .

3. Excersices and Walk
Exversices and walk are necessary for health and must be do mini 30 minutes per day.
4.Vitamin D
Vitamin D affect the pituatry gland , which produce a range of hormone,,it also relieve symptoms associated with low oestrogen level.
A few mints of sun exposure daily is can be the great help of making vitamin d in ur body and sustain ur hormones.