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What are the charges against Melissa is child neglect she agreed that she cannot identify when a child is in harm she cannot identify when a child is in need and she doesn't have the ability to protect the child my child our child. They tried to say the same thing about me I told them I will fight them till the ends of the Earth they will never stick that on me I will not agree to that the only thing I will agree to is the truth and the truth is I'm an alcoholic I created chaos in my house between me and my wife but never the child even the night of the domestic violence incident my daughter and her son were not even there it was the neighbor picked up my daughter and brought her into the house my daughter was outside playing with the other kids I was in bed Melissa was outside with the kids Melissa came in the house my daughter would not follow Melissa into the house my daughter would not do anything Melissa told her to do she only listen to me even when I would talk to her from work on Google Duo I would have to tell her she needs to listen to her mother and do what her mother says.
Last spring break of last year her son came over with a stomach ache really bad he couldn't walk we pushed him around in the baby stroller because he couldn't walk because its stomach hurt his grandmother's is a nurse his father was there his father's fiancee is also a nurse and they sent Cole to us with the stomach ache that was so bad he couldn't walk so I started from the very beginning BRAT diet asking Cole questions where does it hurt how does it hurt and I kept typing it into Google I finally said Cole do you want to go to the hospital he said no I said call it says right here that if you have an appendicitis it will hurt so bad that you will want to go to the hospital Cole Cole said it hurts that bad I want to go to the hospital I was taking care of him Melissa was working I was taking care of both children sober Melissa came and brought Cole to the hospital he had appendicitis I saved his life again when this happen I tried to get ahold of his father myself so her parents called 911 on me they said they had no communication with the grandchild that I was paranoid schizophrenic and that I was off my meds and they didn't know where the child was and that he was in harm and they wanted to know what was going on because I called them and I said I need to get ahold of Michael immediately Cole is in the hospital and he needs to be contacted now because they have the numbers to contact him the police showed up and told me that I had to tell them what was wrong and where Cole was so that they could tell the grandparents back then I told them I'm not telling you s*** Cole is with his mother they're at the hospital and I'm not disclosing any of his medical information to anybody then Grandpa call the hospital and tried to get information they told him no he told the nurse that he wishes she gets stomach cancer and dies then he called St Petersburg All Children's Hospital and told them that a child was coming in under a false name that a child was coming in under the name Cole Ledbetter except that all children was already notified not to give over any medical information at all about Cole junior bridesmaid wears specially for kids
This was just one incident of hundreds that took place over 10 years with call and the parents and the grandparents and the court so yes I'm angry I'm angry at me because if I wasn't so angry at my wife for allowing something to happen that she had absolutely no control over we wouldn't be going through it again I don't understand why she left I don't understand why she came back and left again I do understand the circumstances that led up to breaking her and those are not my words those are the words of my counselor will May
She's broken and that's okay to be broken what's not okay is breaking everyone around you in the process I will never give up they know that I fought for her son for 10 years I never gave up they came at me from every direction code enforcement building inspectors Sheriff's offices it got to a point to where her ex-husband tried to kill me and they blew it off that's how hard I fought angry pissed off I will never give up on my child I will never give up on my daughter I will take this to the top I will stand before The Supreme Court of the United States of America I'll get a federal judge because I know some things I'm Not Angry Anymore I'm hurt I'm sad I know that laws have to be follow I know that the parenting plan of the Florida Supreme Court is created because every state had to create one
It's part of a UN resolution for children to ensure that a child always has access to proper Medical Care to a child always has access to their family even extended family so if Florida did not create a parenting plan they would not receive any federal funding at all I never gave up on Cole and Hernando County sandwiched our children together Melissa lost Cole and without Flavia she cannot ever have call she cannot have no overnight visitation time with her son until she has our daughter back and that's against the law you cannot take what happens with one child and hold it against the other the neglect was a charge that Melissa got with our child there is no neglect against her son that's how I know she would never leave the state and leave both babies behind in the words of Samson the prophet and judge of God somebody's plowing with my heifer that's hurt Greg angry Greg would say it's some uncircumcised philistine