low back or backless style for wedding

COUNTLESS..... ..... 91...
With a rare spark of geniustic instinct and boundless megabite of curiousity, I settled my ear closely behind the door and listened with rapt focus at the phone call.
"I said I'll be back before evening. I just came to pick some few things from my room....(silence) ok.....No...I know..but please give me sometime, I'll pay you your 30k in full.....I know...please you have to understand....eh?...na that idiot wey spoil my source of income na...ah go don pay you since.....(silence)....ah sure thing nao.... Later guy...." low back or backless style for wedding
The moment he ended the call, a sudden urge to barge inside and experiment my boxing skills on him surged through my body but something stopped me abstractly from doing so.
Barging inside ferociously, I launched a well aimed overhead punch to his head and before his goalkeeper could say Jack, my Leonel Messi had already sent the ball of my punch to the back of the net of his skull.
After falling face flat on the tawny rug with a groaning sound, Jide rolled over quickly and I watched with gritted teeth as his once upon a time cool face turned to one filled with shock and horror.
"happy to see me?" I asked and without giving him any chance to regain his stand, I quickly pounced on him and began to rain all sorts of punch on him.
He ducked some and unducked a plenty some, but at the end of the scuffle session, I was able to pin him down while holding his neck firmly as if trying to squeeze life out of him as he struggled for his life under me.
His eyes was tainted in red as he wriggled vigorously perhaps to roll me over but no, this desperate shangoic body of mine is too much for his treachery strenght to handle.
"urgh..urgh..." That was him making some gagging sound as blood continue to ooze out from every unit of hole in his face.
"tell me!..." I yelled. "what did I do to deserve this.? Tell me before I kill you....tell me!" I thundered angrily while he continue to make the gagging sound as strenght gradually defied him and he choicelessly surrendered himself to me.
"I...I....I..." He was about to continue when the vibration of my S7 snapped me out of the thriller movie displaying inside my head.
Meaning all the events I narrated above only happened in the imaginary-wood of my brain while in reality-wood, I was still standing behind the door contemplating on whether to barge inside and display a rare level of maturity for him or carry out the events of the imaginary-wood in reality-wood.
I settled on the former and when Jide saw me enter the room, I must say, even dictionaries will be in a bone of contention when trying to come up with the right adjective to discribe the look on his face. But apparently from our english lecturer in GLOCOTEL where I graduated from, Jide's face was laced with a high level of flabbergastedinervoustination.
"hi buddy." I said with a placcid smile and a handshake gesture.
He swallowed hard before talking. "ah..hi...guy." He managed to return the handshake.
"no see bro...." He replied as he settled on the plastic chair infront of the bed. "where have you been Darous...we've looked everywhere for you." He said while googleling my face for honest answers which I wasn't ready to give.
I also settled my body on his bed. "well, I was trying to give you some space after what happened between us in my hometown."
"oh guy, you don't need that nao, that one don tey. We don already move past that level."
"you sure?" I asked with a tone of sarcasm
"yes nao...if not we wouldn't be having this conversation na." He stated oblivious to my sarcastic tone.
I reclined on the bed and gave him another smile. "ok. Buy us drinks and lets party to the celebration of this re-frendship."
He scratched his head and embarked on one of his typical way of telling me how broke he was.
"ah go buy 200naira card to call my mumsie, ah need 50naira detergent and 200naira toothpaste...." He rambled on while holding a 500naira note he picked from his pockets.
"ah go use the remaining to chop this...."
"lets go to Tantalizers. The bills on me." I interrupted him and he was totally dumbstruck at my rich and thunder fire recession offer.
"you sure?" He queried agogly.
"yes bro. Lets go." I said and we both exited the room.
Before going to the eatery, I made sure I gave him another reason to feel dumbstrucked when I transferred 40k into his account.
"thank you bro.....you're indeed a life saver." He stated appreciatively after seeing the alert.
"never mention bro..." I replied with another smile and oblivious to Jide was the silent message that always follow every benovelent acts I did for him that reads:
And besides, "no better way to have revenge on someone that doesn't want your happiness than making sure you always keep a happy face whenever they are inches away from you and let their conscience handle the rest."
****Epistlelistic quote of a shangoic writer.***
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