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Recently,I took to facebook and vented my feelings in 'defense' of actor's Kevin Spacey & George Takei among other LBGT celebs accused of past sexual wrong's in this (the most 'recent') call for 'morality' in Hollywood. Did any of you also happen to notice I have not defended 'any' of the heterosexual men as veheminantly? Doesn't that make me a hypocrite or (dare I say) a 'hetero-phobe'?

My reasonging is simple 'heterosexual' men knew what the rules were when they broke them anyway. On the other hand from the time most our LBGT elders were born, we were already considered outlaws within a 'dystopic' society and we had 'nobody' to teach us about sex or that it was okay to be gay. There were no examples of 'happily ever after' for a gay person and so often gay sex was treated by everyone as something 'bad' & an act committed on the sly hiding in 'shame'. Like I said the straight men 'knew' how to treat a lady (my father taught me & my brothers about that) but there was no handbook for gay kids and its not fare to shame older gays when they had the 'closet' forced onto them from birth on. Us older folks just knew about society's contempt for us and about the 'consequences' of telling the truth. not expensive wedding wears for summer