old Hollywood wears for prom party

20/25 years ago LG, was a good product for me and my family, We have owned 2 Refs, @ dishwashers, 4 stoves, . I think 4 washing machines and atleast 2 dryers.Plus currently 6 TV's. I will never buy another LG PRODUCT, My new Dish washer 2012, has a 2 hr run cycle, which LG Cust support, said could be reprogrammed to shorter cycle??? Still waiting, now is sounds like an old man that is seriously Constipated. I have 2 stoves, elec, the first one is 2012 , would not heat the oven, LG service people, local, said the stove needed replaced, So I purchased a new one, when the oven is running, the whole stove is so hot that my 16 mo old grandson got burned from it. it is tinny and has cheap controls. Better yet, I examined the stove to see why the service company said to scrap the stove. WOW a chunk was out of the oven heating element, I replaced it, $ 34.00, works like new??? My other washers and dryers all shit the bed, My current LG washer WT5101HV, last month 10/31/2017, the waterpump quit, no one within 90 miles had one in stock, fortunately an old timer repairman improvised a pump to fit and work. This month 11/28/2017, the main circuit board burned, What sucks is, no one stocks them either, 4 days min to get one shipped in, also the tub to pump hose is leaking, won't be until atleast till Dec 7/8 to get that here.SO NOW I HAVE A TUB FULL OF WASHED WET CLOTHES SITTING IN A WORLD OR DIRTY, STINKING SHITTY WATER, CALLED CUST SUPPORT, NO WAY TO OPEN THE DAMN LID IF IT QUITS IN CYCLE.. I'M SURE I COULD FIND OTHER PROBLEMS IN THE PAST 25 YEARS THAT WERE NOT SOLVER. THE STOVE IS CLOSE TO 30 DAYS AND IS GOING BACK TO LOWES, THEY CAN DEAL WITH LG old Hollywood wears for prom party

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