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Intro –
This was it..the day they’ve all been waiting a young girl of just 19 years of age..I had envisioned my wedding day to be on a beach with lots of decoration..twinkled lights and pearls on my wrist..I would want it to be towards evening where lights could been seen and glow beautifully..yes! That’s my dream..No, I don’t need much and few friends would do; but that’s a dream for age 25, I am just 19 and d--n I love this guy first love..the guy I willingly gave my virginity..he was just 21 and we are about to get married? What life would we live? open back wedding dresses
My father was a deacon..well respected in church..he took me as his pride..the apple of his eyes, I shouldn’t make a mistake
“You just have to be perfect”
He often tells me like I was an angel without blemish..Dating any guy was out of the picture, I would squat all night if he dare catch me standing, talk less of even talking with any boy..but it wasn’t my fault they always come after me, I was extremely pretty with my sweet, tiny voice that when I sang in church I would have to run home after service before my father see those guys asking for my number
How then did David come into the picture? the guy was too handsome with an equal melodious voice that sometimes I would insist he takes Solo in our choir group..we were choristers and I started crushing on him the moment he saved me from falling off stage during Christmas Carroll.. He was this gentle guy, even my dad loved him, so it wasn’t an issue when my dad noticed we became friends
He was sacrificial and somehow stuck to my side..and when he asked me out, I agreed immediately; and then we started our hide and seek lovers game..we dated secretly for 5months..I had my first kiss on my nineteenth birthday and I felt I was ready..ready to give everything to him..
I invited him home for the first time when mum and dad had gone for their normal church meetings. I never knew he was a virgin too..we had that painful, blissful moment but my parents caught us was hell for me..I didn’t was decided father would not tolerate immortality in his house..we have to get married
Now I stand staring at the mirror in my wedding dress..David had pleaded with me to give in..but I knew our lives still had a lot to I ran, I left him stranded at the altar..I have to find my life someplace name is oluwatoke bisola..and this is my story..
Episode 1

Unlike every story book I guess you’ve read..mine is a bit complicated..that it sometimes makes me cry and laugh alike.. Well as I earlier explained..I escaped..with the little savings I lagos without directions..for
tunately, I had my phone with me so I called up my aunty who stayed in Aunty Naomi was not in good terms with my mum..I really wished I knew I just went there with faith
I arrived there at 7pm in the evening,it had rained heavily, I was all wet and shivering..I was ushered in by my cousin bode..he was very tall and huge..I was always scared of him, even when my mom had always assured me he was kindhearted..that was her own view sha; what I saw was Goliath on earth
“Bukky..what is this? Where are you coming from? Where is your mum? Why did you enter the rain?”
Everyone called me Bukky instead of my full name. I had open my mouth, but the question was now more than I was thinking which one to answer seems she noticed my struggle
“Just go and change”
Great! The sentence she was suppose to say
“This way”
Tosin ushered me to her room
“You can change into anything you like in the wardrope”
She seemed nice..we were of the same age range, although we’ve never been that close because of our parents issues
Later that night I explained everything to my Aunty..she was really attentive and I prayed she believed me
“ can stay for a while..but you would have have go back home”
I nodded in agreement..although going back home was the least in my agenda
My dream was to be a fashion was my dream since I was a kid..and I just got admission to Lagos state university to study art..I wasn’t sure my aunty would want to sponsor me..tosin had gotten admission too. Fortunately to the same university
“I got an admission to Lagos state university too..back home”
I opened up to tosin..when she came back home rejoicing about her own admission”
“Really?! That’s great..we would be roommates”
I feigned a smile..I wasnt too sure about that..within minutes she hurried to my Aunty
“Bukky.. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if you both stay together.. But during weekend you would both help me in the shop”
My Aunty said
Wait! Does that mean am actually going to school?! I felt like calling home but I remembered I had broke my sim the moment I entered Lagos..
For a week everything went smooth..until one night when Goliath requested my presence in his room..oluwa help me..what does he want now?