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The reason most of people never achieve their dreams is because they simply give up. Life was never meant to be easy -its a constant struggle with extreme lows and extreme highs.The Times when its most important to persevere are the times you will be tested.Persi is in a critical conditions now but she never lose hope.She keeps on praying and have faith that oneday she will have kids like other women.Nothing is impossible if you believes. Persi take out this circumstance as a test .Tony lost all the confidence and accepts that they were not meant to have children.He only focused on making his wife happy.
One day Persi was jogging with her husband as usual.Persi faint and she almost falls down but Tony was next to her ,he catch her.Persi was a virgin before she meets Tony .Although she was dating Michelle ,they never had sexual contact.Tony doubt perhaps Persi is pregnant. Persi was still in dilemma, she has no sense of pregnancy signs.Tony asked her about her periods and she told him it has been two months without receiving them.
The following day they went to a doctor and it was finalised that she is two months pregnant. It was a great pleasure and enjoyment both to Persi and Tony.They were happy that finally they will have a kid that they have been waiting for.Tony throws a party for the celebration. Almost everyone was happy plus the chatterbox. Miss Moore and Timothy were not happy with it eventhough miss Moore was the one who was forcing Persi to have a kid.Now that she is pregnant, she is not happy with it.No one will ever understands Miss Moore unless her loveable son ,Timothy. Something was suspicious that they were ought to something but you can't figure it out.One night Persi was in bed with her husband .In the blink of an eye Tony started coughing and Persi give him water.They were thinking that it's something not serious but the matter get worst .It's hard to understand, a person was just fine but in a minute he is in critical conditions.God is the one who give and take an time he wants.Death never knocks when its coming .Just because of the small illness Tony died that right moments.Poor Persi, she is left alone with her unborn baby.In Africa people have a belief that if a married man died it's obvious the wife bewitched him.It doesn't matter how sick he was ,African men never died a natural death. It is hard to imagine how these poor widows have to go through. Persi have to pay for a crime she never commits.All the eyes were at her especially for Miss Moore 's family .All people think Persi killed Tony for his wealth .Persi is Five months pregnant at a moment but it seems no one understands that.It's true that pain make someone strong but there are some points well pain destroys a heart.People only think about themselves and ignored how others felt. petite styled items in the cocktail to wear

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