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We are thrilled, overwhelmed, and humbled by all of the support being offered! It is amazing to realize how many dresses we have received in a mere month. It is exciting to know that Fort Irwin Operation Deploy Your Dress has come to fruition.

Now that we have posted information regarding our first official FREE Dress Giveaway, we are starting to receive a lot of questions about who we are and how we operate. Hopefully this compilation of FAQ ‘s helps provide clarity. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
It is our sincere honor and privilege to be part of this effort!

We are truly grateful for your support of Operation Deploy Your Dress!

Q: What is Operation Deploy Your Dress?
A:Founded by 5 military spouses in December of 2016, ODYD is a completely non-profit National organization (501c3) that relies solely on volunteers/donations and directly serves our military community.

Q: Why is Fort Irwin a selected installation for ODYD?
A: As you know, due to the remote location of Fort Irwin, spouses must travel a significant distance to shop for formal apparel. Additionally, balls are held in Las Vegas or Southern California which creates an added financial burden for many. Our objective is to be able to provide free formal attire to military card ID holders to help defray the (often exorbitant) costs associated with these events.

Q: Who is the Fort Irwin POC?
A: Fort Irwin ODYD will be operated and managed under the Military Spouse and Civilian Club. The ODYD / MCSC Representative is Kat Thayer . Her email is: [email protected]

Q: How much do the gowns cost?
A: The dresses aren't for sale. They are FREE! No strings attached. We offer 1 FREE gown/dress and 1 accessory per calendar year (June to June here at Fort Irwin). Our hope is that recipients return the dress OR donate a different one to help maintain our supply...however, it's not required

Q: Are you still accepting donations?
A: We sure are! Donations will be received (and appreciated!) on a perpetual basis to keep our inventory stocked.

Q: Where can I send donations to?
A: We are working on establishing a permanent drop off location(s) on Fort Irwin. In the interim, if you are on post and would like to drop off , you may do so at 3945 Bitter Springs Drive (there is a donation bin out front with the ODYD logo on it). If you reside off post and would prefer to mail, our shipping address is:
Fort Irwin MCSC
attn: ODYD
PO Box 10284
Fort Irwin, California 92310

Q: Do you accept only long formal dresses?
A: No. We are seeking all styles of gowns - short , long, and in between.

Q: What sizes are you looking for?
A: We are in need of ALL sizes - regular, plus, petite, tall, maternity, etc.

Q: Do you need bridal gowns?
A: At this point, our efforts are focused solely on formal wear for balls, galas, and other formal and semi-formal affairs so we do not have a need for bridal gowns. However, please consider contacting Brides Across America (an organization that donates wedding apparel to military communities).

Q: Are donations tax deductible?
A: We make zero profit. ODYD is a completely non-profit National organization (501c3). Donation receipts for tax purposes are available upon request.

Q: Do I need to have my dresses dry cleaned before I donate them.
A:. While laundering is appreciated it is certainly not required. The gowns are FREE so if the recipient would like to have it professionally cleaned, they may do so at their own expense.

Q: What shipping method do you prefer?
A: Any and all shipping methods are accepted. We recommend using the method you prefer and is most cost effective.

Q: Do you pay for shipping?
A: Unfortunately we do not have the means to pay for shipping. If you reside within 2-3 hours, we may be able to arrange a pick-up at your location or somewhere in between.

Q: Is Operation Deploy Your Dress located in other states/military installations?
A: In addition to Fort Irwin, we have 3 locations up and running at Fort Bliss, TX , Fort Eustis, VA, and at JBLM , WA. We are in the process of developing expansion plans other major military installations.

Q: Do you accept shoes and accessories?
A: Yes! We are in need of any formal shoes, jewelry, shawls, purses, and other accessories.

Q: Will you be charging spouses for donated items?
A: Absolutely not! We will be donating 100 % FREE!!!

Q: I would like to donate money, where may I send the check?
A: Yes! There are operating expenses associated with seeding and maintaining ODYD branches. We are grateful for any and all financial contributions and may receive funds via our National address at:
Operation Deploy Your Dress
1108 Thompson Circle
Ft. Eustix, VA 23604
EIN: 81-4978393

Q: When will the dresses be given away?
A: Our first distribution event is scheduled for February 10th (for more details and information, please refer to our flyer posted on our page). Future events are being planned and will likely occur in March and April. Eventually, we will have a permanent designated space here on Fort Irwin and will open on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Once our “shop” is established, we will also be able to open for private group events (ie: FRG meetings, Coffee Groups, SVHS/Homeschooling teen events, etc). plus size short wedding dresses

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