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Loaded with fiber and protein, with the exclusion of : heterocyclic amines, cholesterol, sat fats, endotoxins, hormones, antibiotic residues, etc.

You don't have to combine all aminoacids in every meal it is old-dated science (endogenous protein - contain all amino acids, produced by our body which has the capacity to combine amino acids in the place of protein synthesis-liver, muscle, kidneys) prom dresses for short girls

But if you still want to combine them, you can.
Lentils - eat them every day if you want to. They are high in leucine and a great source of vegan protein. -100g Soy
-50g Lentils
-200g Mushrooms (cooked in homemade tomato sauce)
-250g Broccoli
-50g Rice
Measured raw weight. I didn't use oil.