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Yesterday, I was chatting with a lady friend I didn't know she was heavily pregnant already.

When I asked her why we no dey see am for Church, she said she doesn't like to carry her pregnancy about. Asked why, she said the feelings she gets when people see a pregnant woman is that 'So dem don fuck this woman taya! See her carrying about signs of heavy fucking. Stupid girl!'.
I laughed ehn.

She added that more importantly, she doesn't like to waka with her husband because people would know who has been sleeping with her. 'Bola, we women would start imagining the size of the man, how he pumps you and how you moan under him. That is we women for you o. So many things cross our minds when we see the husbands of our friends. That is why I keep off unnecessary places or seeing my friends with my biggie belle till I born. Make anybody no dey imagine me.' prom garment suitable for plus size girl
I laugh ehn...

So you women are this rotten! Abi na lie?