purple colored items of the formal style useage

As you can tell from my Day 7 Black and White photo I had my first radiation treatment today. I had my breakfast and Ibuprofen an hour before my appointment. They went over all the things I could expect to happen, then after they scanned me so they could map out a procedure plan to go by they wheeled me into another room and hooked me up to R2D2's cousin and left me alone. I got a couple of chapters of my book read while I lay there. There was some pressure, but very little discomfort. The whole thing took about an hour and a half, but most of that was the setup. The procedure itself only took about 7 minutes. We do this little amusement park ride again this coming Wednesday (the 6th). The staff is wonderful.I get cold water and nice warm blankets. *sigh* The AZO is interesting. I just have to remember that I'm ok and not to freak out over the bright orange color.

The color almost matches my toe nail polish.

After having lunch I started getting sleepy. It made me wonder was this just normal sleepiness after eating or did the radiation treatment contribute to it? I know when I get a real sunburn it does take the energy out of me.

I have been given a whole list of things I can and cannot eat or drink and it comes down to a very low fiber diet. Oh and ... I shudder to say this... DECAF. No coffee at all. *sniffle* Ok, I may be able to have my Green Tea Frappuccinos. We'll see. I looked in my fridge and between myself and the Hubby we have determined that I can't have half of what we just bought last weekend at the grocery store. There's a whole lot of dairy that has to be gotten rid of now. I can have the skim milk and 2% but little else. No cheese so pizza's out. On the other hand I can't have a lot of the healthy stuff either. There are a whole lot of veggies and fruits I can't have. It's going to hurt giving up garlic (and onions). I mean how on earth am I supposed to keep the vampires away without garlic? I can't have popcorn when I go to the movies until this is over, too. It's because of the hulls. I can understand that. purple colored items of the formal style useage

Fortunately I can still have chocolate... which I am glad of because Hubby brought home a whole backpack full of the stuff. Apparently someone where he works did not tell people he no longer worked there so some vendor send a huge gift basket for the holidays. Since the stuff can't be sent back because it's a food item he just picked out what he and I liked and left the rest of it in the break room so the rest of the employees can have it if they want. We have chocolate to last us probably until Valentines Day.

I look forward to the New Year and having my dietary restrictions lifted, but in the meantime I think I'll survive.