retro style wears for a vintage wedding

Cody James Squires The Predator in sheep's clothing.
A warning to all women in Nevada, a man named Cody James Squires is out of prison once again.
He's not the lost soul he pretends to be. He is a women beater and a Predator to teenage girls from ages 11 between 18.
I was one of his victims when I was 15, until I was 16 years old.
He lured me in by Facebook and found my weak points and played off them to fool me into feeling sorry for him.
Remember, I was only 15 years old, and he was 24. This was a grown man flirting with a 15 year old and previously before me a 13 year old that he bragged about to me, and how he almost got shot by her father because he was sleeping in her bed shirtless.
He put on a sob story about he ended up in prison for 3 years for assaulting his 6 or 12 month year old daughter but,said that: "I really didn't do that. I would never hurt a child. I love children" but he took a bargain plea so that he wouldn't end up in prison for 15 to 25 years.
Sadly, even my family fell for his sob story and he ended up moving in with us.
Behind my family's back he tricked me into a relationship by playing my emotions about his depression and lack of love from his childhood.
Sadly I was too naive and loving, so I fell right into his trap.
He put me down for only being 15 years old, yet continued to rape me daily ( sometimes up to 4 times a day, even on my period. Which was beyond painful, because I have endometritis.), he punched holes in the wall and dictated how I could eat, drink, shower, use the restroom etc. All while my mother was working or asleep.
He also was a drug addict to meth, weed and a heavy alcoholic. The meth I didn't know about until I smoked some weed laced with meth that he gave me.
Sadly I became pregnant by him and lost the baby but, it was for the best, because he told me he would kill me and the child if I kept it. He also date raped me multiple times. I remember waking up one time in the bedroom, not knowing how I got there, I couldn't move or speak then suddenly I seen his face while a flash comes from his phone. I blacked out once again. retro style wears for a vintage wedding
He later became jealous of me liking to draw. So,he pulled out knives, screwdrivers, hammers and on one occasion he placed my middle finger in a pair of pliers and threatened to break it.
He said "Unless you stop drawing those evil and dark pictures, I'll break you finger where you can never use it again." He then applied some pressure
to the pliers to make me cry out in panic and pain "Yes! I'll stop! Please,don't break my finger! Please!" Once I broke down he stopped then hugged me.
Every time a fight would break out he pulled out one of the weapons mentioned above and threatened to cut his wrist then stab me to death before he dies.
A few months later, as the other abuse became worse, he was talking to a 11 year old whose identity I will keep unknown, but he knew her long before me, since she was 8 years old.
They were talking over Facebook messenger,and he was telling her that he missed her cuddles and holding her.
She said the same back to him , then quickly started talking about school and her new clothes.
He made the comment on how he "Bets she's growing up to be a very beautiful woman."
She then ask him if he wants to see her new outfits.
And he said yes. She sent him photo's of her molding her new outfits for him.
I felt horrified and couldn't believe he was this twisted.
He made the comment about how he wished " she lived closer, so that all of us could cuddle together"
I felt to scared to try and tell anyone because he threatened to come back and kill me or and my family. He already try to kill my cat by bashing her head into a wall, while I was in the shower. Blood was dripping down from her nose and mouth. Thankfully she was okay, but had mild seizures until her final days.
He also came very close to choking me to death, then few days later said the most horrific thing, " I forget you're only a child, even though your 16, there isn't much difference between you and a 6 month year old baby. Both of you are fragile" I was in shock that he just admitted to harming his child and how insane he truly was.
I was able to get away from him for good but, I didn't tell any authority figures because I felt no one would believe me because of my age, plus I was horrified about being taken away from my family. And of course that monster used that against me and my family.
But,I'm 21 now and I will not sit back and let him continue to destroy innocence.
He will brainwash you into a relationship then shame you for your age and make you feel like nothing and use you and your family in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.
I know some may not believe me but, I'm not doing this for revenge or slander,but simply to spread awareness of this monster.
Whom tricks the kindest and most innocence of souls to help him and they let him into their homes, so that he can only destroy it and cause nothing but pain and suffering for years to come.
Please stay away from him.
He's a White male.
About 5'10" in height.
Unsure of weight.
Has black hair, with a goatee.
He has brown eyes.
May be missing teeth.
Has many scars on his left arm.
Please stay away from this monster. # Metoo