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I have read with shock a letter written and addressed to His high office by someone who does not even decide to sign his or her name..I mention he or she even if the letter apparently is coming from a lady but the author can be a man since it's not known who it may be since anyone can write a letter and put on social media.

I want to first of all point out that we have very good people in this country and it is our duty as citizens to testify the truth about such people. Further as you may know, good men are always hated by fellow counterparts who fail to do the good that he is doing and therefore feel threatened by his good works.

Let me show you what Dr Prophet W Magaya is being hated for:

1. He is the only Man of God to ever been recognized as a deserving Man of God to be awarded a Doctrate Degree after his CV took more than an hour to read of all his philanthropic work and his contribution to not only Zimbabwe but the rest of also Southern Africa and the world. Please note that he receive this Doctrate degree from UNISA a foreign University as the verse that says a prophet has no honour in his own land is made to be true since other jerlousy people tend to fight him.

2. Prophet W Magaya is the only Man of God who has ever adopted a whole clan of a people to save their existence. I am talking of the DOMA people who reside after Guruve side. This clan was slowly getting extinct as they have not really gotten intergrated into the modern world and they still lived on hunting and gathering and they kept being eaten by lions.

3. Prophet W Magaya is the only Man of God who has assisted not only the national soccer team not once not twice but so many times to go to international games after they had been stuck with no funds. Several times has he hosted them at Yadah hotel.

You would be surprised how much hate speech circulated on the internet just because he was invited to play as a guest player on the legends soccer match yet he has contributed heavily torwards the soccer fraternity.

I will not even mention other sports he sponsered because we cant talk of other points if we tell on that.

4. Dr Prophet W Magaya sponsers school fees for 1000s of pupils and students in primary and secondary schools. Further he has assisted so many University students with money for books, pocket money, tuition money so that they will not lack and be pushed to look for money in other means that are not proper.

5. Prophet W Magaya Dr. Has donated food to the elderly not only in zimbabwe towns namely Chitungwiza, Bulawayo, Mutare, Gweru, Kwekwe to mention but a few but he has done so in Botswana, South Africa, and let me mention even Portugal, to show the extent of his love for people.

6. Dr Prophet W Magaya has assisted plenty of charity organizations from albino associations to disabled and children homes. He has also even flown some people without limps to South africa to get them new limps an exercise that is so costly yet he decides to do it.

7. Dr Prophet W Magaya has assisted widows, built houses for the homeless and the once mentally I'll, bed stricken and almost dying people like Garikai, Anthony, and many others

8. Prophet W Magaya is so busy with new projects to empower other Zimbabweans like the Yadah Connect projects which has employed several 1000s of people already and has contributed torwards the growth of the economy in many different ways from the mining of marble to even the infrastructure brought to add value to our own stones mined in Zimbabwe which will benefit the country.

9. Prophet W Magaya seeks to benefit even old grannies in remote areas by starting massive projects that don't even require any educational qualifications eg the bee project where people are taught to keep bees for the purpose of harvesting honey. He has done two major training already and 1000s of people will turn up for yet another one of such trainings starting this December 1 this year that will incorporate even the project of drying vegetables so that the country can save on extra Vegetables and add value to them. selections in orange for prom party

10. Prophet W Magaya (Dr) has boomed the religious tourism in zimbabwe as every week there are more than 900 foreigners who visit Zimbabwe and on big events more than 7000 - 10000 foreigners visit his church from Zambia, SA, Mozambique, UK, etc.

11. Above all Prophet W Magaya has healed people of medically incurable ailments and he has delivered people from evil spirits and has prayed for the country on all occasions.

Whilst we appreciate that there is need to clean up the country of criminal activities I strongly feel it would be also wise that we be wary of extortionists who has failed to extort monies from Good Men like Prophet W Magaya and will not stop to see them get into a demise of their own creations due to their lies.