sequin style items to wear for the party

Dear Swiggy Team,

I happened to come to know abt your app through a Friend and downloaded it on 1st Dec 2017.

The app was very user friendly and i really liked it.
So being a regular Zomato orderer, thought of giving it a try. I ordered an Italian Burger with Fries, Cheesy Fries and a Can of Coke.

After the order was placed, i was enjoying the delivery driver tracker and found it very interesting.

After 15/20 mins of the order placed, i got a call from your customer care stating that the restaurant is running out of French Fries and they want to give me a replacement. I was cool with it and took a Nachos with cheese sauce instead and i was even ok with that. I then ask that i ordered a Burger with Fries too. Then your customer care person bribed me - "How abt i give you 40/60 Rs. cashback?

I clearly stated that i am not a money minded person, kindly do whatever you want to do, but pls. ensure that i get the food delivered quickly as i am starving.

The order came after almost 45/50 mins of this call and i was pissed off.

Then alongwith the order, there was a sorry slip nicely designed was handed to me and all my anger went away looking at the good customer service idea you guys did. I said good night to the delivery boy and started to eat. Surprisingly instead of coke, i was served a Thumps up energized, which tasted yuckk...
Even then i kept mum and didnt bother to escalate it, as might be restaurant have not informed you the same.

Today, 3rd Dec, 2017 just 2nd day from the last order, i thought of giving it a try again and ordered from Swiggy ! Wow, i had Rs. 50 Swiggy money in my account.

It was one step, that i will always regret throughout my entire life.

I ordered a Burger, a Club s/w, a French fries and a coke from a different restaurant.
I started tracking the delivery boy, who was not moving from his current location for almost 20 mins. I just thought it my be app error or Internet might be down on his tracking device, so just buzzed Swiggy, upon calling, they came to know abt it. I had to hold the line for 4/5 mins and then i was informed that the driver is unaware of the Restaurant's location.

I asked whether he is having a navigator or not? They said all our drivers are well versed with it and dont worry he will reach me on time as there is another 20 mins left for the delivery time. I said cool and disconnected. I was observing the driver's movement then on the tracker, he is taking unusual longer wrong routes and was not even able to reach the restaurant within 1 Hr after placing the order. sequin style items to wear for the party

I again called Swiggy upfront and explained them that the Driver is lesser equipped or is not educated to use a map.

I have ordered items, which cannot be eaten cold and cannot be reheated in a microwave. so i warned that will not accept the order, if it comes cold to me and also told that pls. see to it that it reaches quickly.

The driver after 10 mins of that call picked the order from the restaurant and took more than 25/30 mins to reach me as again he was not trained to use the navigator properly.

Finally he arrives, asks Rs. 255 from me? I did cleared the bill online...
Upon explaining, he argues with me "Paisa to dena hi padega", to my god, i have to call Swiggy back. Meanwhile i checked the food, it was damn cold, got the driver in touch with customer care and they explained that the bill has been taken care.

I requested driver to take the food back, he refused and left. I again called customer care to take the food back and said i dont want money back, just take this food away as i cannot eat it now, as it was seriously cold and has loosen up water now as per the tendency of food.
I again called driver to kindly come back and take it. He said ok Sir 2 mins and i will be there.

I got changed and thought of going out to eat, as was hungry and had to sleep as i am having an early morning flight tomorrow at 5:40 and have to get up at 3 AM.

The driver never appeared, called him back, "sir ye neeche aa gaya", i thought i will give him downstairs only, as anyway i had to go out for a meal. he was not there. Called him again, he says he is there in my building, he wasnt there. I waited outside apartment for 10/15 mins and tried to call him, he stopped taking calls.
Had to call Swiggy again they try to convince me for a re delivery of the same food, but i never was able to trust their delivery timings and couldnot stay hungry any longer. so requested them very politely to kindly get the food collected back, as i was on street, waiting....

The guy promised me to get it collected. Again waited for 10 mins, no one came. Called them back and they said the driver is not taking their calls Either. Whats my fault in it, why are you making me stand on road like a fool? Unfortunately, i had to be harsh and told them that i am throwing food on street and i dont want my money back either.

Pls. trust me, i am not writing this for the money i spent, you guys keep it, i dont want it back.
I am sharing the overall Swiggy experience, i had.

Thank you for making me go to a Mc Donald and grab a quick good warm meal.

I would not recommend Swiggy to any one in my entire life and will never use it again, actually already deleted the app from my phone.

Now, my anger is not with that Delivery guy, my anger is with the HR team of Swiggy, how can you simply hire a person and not train him properly and let the end customer suffer?

Is there not an Induction program / training, you guys give to these poor people, who have no idea, what an app / google map is?

You guys, on one end are designing such beautiful app, promoting it on TV, etc. for live tracking and on the other end, your own team do not know the usage of same?

I am extremely pissed off today and thereby had to write such a long story, instead of sleeping for the morning flight.

I think you should close the delivery in Ahmedabad market immediately, at least till you are well versed.

Prateek Murdia