short homecoming party wears specially for tall girls

Need to vent! I am coaching a grade 8 girls basketball team. We have two tournaments coming up in the next week and in both cases the directors are messing things up. This weekend we are playing a tournament on Friday and Saturday. Just today I find out we are not allowed to play zone defence. That's all we play!! And its totally allowed in grade 8. It's ridiculous to tell a coach what kind of defence he can use! And I've only got one practice before Friday. short homecoming party wears specially for tall girls

Then next week we are playing in the City Tournament, starting on Wednesday. Turns out, the team we play on Wednesday, we also play the DAY BEFORE in league play. No one wants to play back to back games against the same team. I contacted the director and was told "Nothing can be done." Really? You can't take a pen and cross out one opponent and put in another? Sounds pretty simple to me.

So here I am, giving tons of volunteer hours to Coaching and these idiots are making my life more complicated, and taking some of the fun out of it! Sure makes you feel appreciated (lots of sarcasm!)!!!!!