short homecoming wears in white

Pink Dress sculpture ?

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Pink Party (Women's March 2018)

In 2001 I started collecting dresses - wedding, bridesmaid, prom & party dresses - and painting them with pink house paint until they were stiff and sculptural. Many dancers wore these dresses as part of the Pink Party performances in SF in 2001-02 where we ranted against the rent being too high, about the SF police killing of Idris Stelley at the Metreon, about the Italian cops killing Carlo Giuliani at the anti-globalization actions in Genoa. We took the idea of Pink Bloc and swirled it into a street activist dance poem. For 17 years I've had these dresses and it was finally time to release them, give them a second life as street art. For a short time only you might catch them on 18th Street near Mission (future home of Dance Mission!!!). short homecoming wears in white