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This girl was looking for a rich husband through forums for dating.

She wrote the following:
"I'm not going to lie, why am I here.

This year I turn 25 years old.

I'm very attractive. With good taste and a sense of style.

I want to marry a guy who earns 500,000 thousand dollars a year.

You can assume that I am self-interested.

But no. This is not true.

So that you understand: in New York, the one who earns a million dollars a year is considered a middle class.

And I do not want to be a beggar.

My conditions are not so impossible. Is there someone on this site, whose annual income is $ 500,000?

Or are you all already married?

Another question: "What do I need to do to marry a rich man like you?"

Everyone with whom I used to meet did not earn more than 250 thousand a year.

So, it seems, this is the ceiling for me.

Can you answer a few questions that interest me? For example:

1) Where are you - rich bachelors - usually hang out? (Please write your favorite bars, restaurants, gyms, preferably with addresses).

2) At what age do men best aim?

3) Why are most wives of rich people such ugly?

4) How do you know who is suitable for you as a wife, and who is only for a girl? The role of the girl does not interest me as much as the role of the future wife. short length wedding garments in white color

I can not wait for your answer.

Your Beauty. "

The CEO of one of the largest banks in the United States responded in this way:

"Dear Beauty!
I read your message on the forum with great interest.

I guess that many girls are the same.

Let me analyze your situation from the perspective of investing.

My annual income is more than 500 thousand dollars.

This is exactly what you are looking for.

Therefore, I am sure that I do not waste time.

As a businessman, I can say that marrying you is an unfortunate decision.

Everything is very simple.

Let me explain to you why.

What you are trying to do is a barter of "beauty" for "money," that is, subject A offers beauty, and subject B pays for it.

It seemed no trick.

Despite this, the big problem is that your beauty will fade, and my money will not be lost without any comprehensible reasons.

In the future, my income is likely to multiply, unlike your beauty.

In economic terms, we are two assets.

My cost will go up, and yours will fall.

And not just so, but in a geometric progression.

Imagine that the relationship with you is an act of commerce.

Like any auction on Wall Street, they have their own position.

If the market price of you as an asset has fallen, we will sell it.

To continue to have such an asset is simply meaningless.

The same is about the marriage to which you so strive.

How cruelly it sounds, but the most optimal solution to the issue of assets that quickly and rapidly depreciate is their sale or letting.

Any man who earns more than $ 500,000 a year can not be a fool a priori.

Of course, people like me will only meet with you, but never marry you.

My advice to you is to tie this quest.

It is better to look for ways to get rich and earn enough money yourself per year.

Then the chances of finding a rich fool will increase.

I hope that my answers will be useful to you. "

And in fact the truth.

True beauty is not a variegated color wrapper, but something that lies deep inside.

What does not fade ever - neither tomorrow nor in 50 years.