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This may sound harsh or like hate speech but it is not. I know for a while I have been hitting hard on Yoruba nation in Nigeria. Some of them hates me now for it. One of my friends insulted me and blocked me from facebook and whatsapp.

I don't hate Yoruba. I hit them because they are disappointing. They deceive themselves and deceive many others in southern Nigeria aswell.

Yoruba nation is using southern Nigeria to do business and that's very bad.

We are all in this together. If you keep doing what you are doing, we will not move forward. No body will make progress.

Nigeria is the way it is because the Yoruba nation being one of the two largest brothers of southern Nigeria is rather more interested in seeing Igbo oppressed than they are willing to redeem their own people from Fulani slavery.

I want my people out of Nigeria because I know with Fulani we have no future. There's no future any how with Fulani on ground.

Yorubas are progressives like the rest of southern Nigeria but it grieves me how Yoruba dread these Fulani that they will always admit Fulani is right even though it is obvious they are leading everyone to the dungeon.


This was the original creation of Britain before their greed made them decide to enslave us all and put us under the blood thirsty Fulani who agreed to give the whole country back to Britain for economic consumption.

It was southern protectorate before it became Nigeria.

Southern protectorate was a combination of Biafran tribes to the east and coast, Oduduwa to the West and at the middle you have a blend or mixture of Oduduwa and Biafra.

The ancient city of Benin would have made a good capital as it historically have a lot to do with Biafran tribes and Oduduwa.

The country would have been a balance of power, wisdom, technology and strength.


To Yorubas:

You have left your throne to be feeding on crumbs. You have left your high mountain to live in the depths of the valley. You have sold yourself sons and daughters to strangers because you fear your enemy enemies more than you love your own. How long shall this be??

You call for restructuring so that you can determine your destiny but the destiny killers would not let it happen.

Still you can't do something to get what you want.

Since you joined the destiny killers to crumble the will of any Igbo in Nigerian politics, the whole southern Nigeria is left to your leadership. No one can blame the Igbo today for Nigeria's failure, no. They tried to put things in place in the sixties and fought a bloody to correct things but lost it all and you punished them severely for trying. Now we can only look up to you as you can are the only one left. What is left of the Igbo are not people in politics but the worst of them leading the best as the people stayed away from active Nigerian politics seeing that Nigeria have nothing to offer the Igbo. twincle dress with sequin in cocktail party

I am not asking you to start a way with Fulani, no.

I am asking to take steps like:

1. Call for a protest for restructuring Nigeria into a system that empowers the regions . You will be surprised how south south and South east youths will join you.

2. Call for a sovereign national conference where every ethnic nation can come to the table of discussion and tell their own grievances. They should also be free to say if they want to continue with Nigeria and if not let them go.

3. Or call for Oduduwa Republic. With Oduduwa Republic, the Yoruba people will be better off than now because they are like ever y Nigerian people are reduced to untimely death due to bad roads and all that.

I put it to every Yoruba that if they stand up to Fulani today Nigeria will be free tomorrow but if they continue like this then we will leave Nigeria no matter the cost but I assure them that it will become more difficult to confront Fulani after we (South south /south East) have gone.

Tari Nemi