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Behind Closed Doors : 1

"Why does your would be brother-in-law look so tensed and..." Faaiza, best-friend to the 'run away' bride asked almost in a whisper.

Zaheeda blinked back her tears before turning wide eyed to the beautifully dressed woman beside her.

“Faaiza, did Zarina say anything to you, anything at all?” the frantic way Zaheeda turned and held her shoulders confused Faaiza to the max.

“Anything like?” She asked with a frown.

“...Like she was running out of this wedding for starters?!” the cold words were spoken from behind her and a shiver ran down her spine.

Mahir’s cold and dark gaze met hers when she turned around and shook her head slowly from side to side.

Mahir cursed under his breath before taking a step toward her…

“You always picked up after your friend from a young age, didn't you? You were the one who did her assignments and the works?” he asked coldly, daring her to deny it.

“That's me… But, she didn't… She didn't tell me about this…” Faaiza wrung the corner of her chiffon dupatta in nervousness.

Mahir smiled then… Not the type of smile that would make her fall in love with him, but the kind that made her cringe inwardly.

“I guess you're ‘it’ then.” Was all he said before turning away from the shocked trio.

“Wait! What are you talking about?” Faaiza cried out, but he didn't turn around, he walked away, leaving Faaiza, Zaheeda and Sabera to follow him.

Faaiza watched the angered groom make his way to his mother and take hold of her hand very gently before leading her toward Faaiza.

“Ma, there's been a change of plans… I won't be marrying Zarina after all… It is her friend that I actually had my eye on… and so when we arrived I learned that they decided to let me marry the one meant for me. Ma, I'd like you to meet…” he lifted his daring gaze to the horrified looking woman in distress. wedding dresses for large bust

“Faa…Faaiza Mahomed…” she held her hand out shakily to the elderly woman.

The old woman looked at her son thoughtfully and then looked at the woman in front of her…

“Why the change now? Is everything okay? Are you happy my child?” she asked curiously, her one hand placed on her chest and the other cradling the shaking hands of Faaizas’.

Faaiza was about to spill it all when she saw Mahir stepping back and giving her an almost pleading looking. With a quick duaa to Allah, asking Him to forgive her for what she was about to do, she put on a smile and began speaking.

“Um… Aunty, Ma… Zarina and I.. Uh, we realized what was meant to be, so we decided to um sw..swop places. I hope you don't have any qualms about this?” Faaiza stumbled out.
Mahir blew out a breath of relief when his mother placed both her hands on the side of Faaiza's face and smiled.

“If you love my Mahir and he loves you, what more can a mother ask for? As long as I'm taking my new daughter home this evening, I don't have any problems. I was just worried that something went wrong when he led me to you.”

Mahir stepped forward then and told his mother that she worries uselessly.

“Let me seat you in the lounge so that, uh, Faaiza can sort her things out for when we have to leave. And she needs to sign the nikah papers with her witnesses before we men leave for the Musjid.” Mahir was talking to his mother, but his eyes were on his flushed bride to be.

“Thank you…” he mouthed over his shoulder, leaving Faaiza baffled and angered and with so many other emotions running in her veins.
Married! She was going to be married!

Sabera and Zaheeda who were watching it all,were standing with their jaws dropped and an unexplainable look on their faces when Faaiza turned their way.

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