wedding selections in purple

When I was in my mid twenties I started experiencing weird symptoms, when I spoke I thought I was slurring, I would sleep for 8-10 hrs and wake up feeling like it was only 8-10 minutes, I began forgetting silly things that someone in their 20's shouldn't forget. Then out of nowhere I started bruising really bad without even doing anything to cause the size and coloring of the bruises I was getting. Like I would go to sleep and wake up with a 3" round deep purple bruise on my arm. Needless to say it freaked me out, the slurring and silly memory loss was enough to convince me I had a brain tumor. Turns out I had a bad vitamin B12 deficiency and was diagnosed with pernicious anemia. A few years of B12 shots, just taking a daily vitamin wasn't enough, I knock on wood stopped having symptoms. My levels balanced out, but have it checked every now and then and pay attention to things being off. wedding selections in purple

Pay attention to your body! If something is off, don't ignore it! Something as "simple" as a vitamin deficiency can cause long term damage, like permanent nerve damage.