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Poor Thelma, This poor old girl was said to be late term pregnancy, approximately 5 Years old, snappy and fearful not touchable by staff. This sadly was not the case, she is IN FACT 10 TO 12 YEARS OLD, and was dying slowly, NO WONDER SHE HATED PEOPLE! Vet says she likely was a backyard dog whole life breeding constantly! WEIGHING 78 POUNDS (25-30 POUNDS OVERWEIGHT). She had OVER 300 BLADDER STONES BIGGER THEN PENNIES, A UTI, STAPH INFECTION, E-COLI, AND 6 FULLY FORMED DECEASED PUPPIES INSIDE HER. This girl was suffering and the shelter missed it while she sat there for almost 2 weeks, leaking green fluid and milk from her hard swollen milk glands. We rushed her into EMERGENCY SURGERY EARLY MORNING THE DAY AFTER SHE ARRIVED. We now have a bill of 1,200.00$, and another 800$ to 1,500.00$ to go with her follow up care and constant retesting of urine, stones, antibiotics and then special foods once her tests come back. We didn't know she was this sick, and we didn't care, she's SAFE AND LOVED AND IN A FOSPICE HOME FOR NOW. She's alive and getting better but has a long road and a huge bill we weren't expecting. We don't know if she has 2 months or 2 to 4 years or more to live, BUT SHE WILL BE LOVED FOR HOWEVER LONG SHE GRACES US WITH HER PRESENCE! wedding selections in yellow
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+2 Victoria has raised $60 for Soft Paws Rescue and Rehabilitation .